Timo Rozendal Ian Fritz 2x AD/AR

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Timo Rozendal Ian Fritz 2x AD/AR

documentation thread: 2XADAR

"Hi all, I made 4 hp eurorack adaptation of the Ian Fritz AD/AR. Hereby i present it and I have pcbs and panels on the way (all with Ian's kind permission) 

The module is based on this circuit with the following modifications: 
It has twice the ad/ar envelope circuit 
It is without the delayed pulser part 
There is a led indicator to show if an envelope is active 
Input of the first envelope is normalled to the second envelope 
There is an additional switch that converts a gate into a trigger, combined with the previous modification this can result an a simultaneous AR and AD envelope with one incoming gate signal 
Schematic can be found here 

Known limitations: 
-The envelope won’t retrigger if the attack is still busy 
-Some very short triggers are not passed through when the gate to trigger switch is enabled (when switch is down) "


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Module Parameters
Panel Size4HP

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