timo rozendal fritz jerkster chaos


timo rozendal fritz jerkster chaos


timo rozendal fritz jerkster chaos


The Jerkster is a chaotic cv generator with 4 parameters: Rate, Gain,

Drive, and Damping.

These parameters interact with the underlying chaotic circuit which can

be decribed by a third order differential equation. Small changes in

parameters can often lead to dramatic changes in the output. The 3 cv's

are derivatives of eachother and can be periodic but also make

unpredictable moves based on the settings. It can be used as random

source, lfo and ‘screaming noise’-generator.

It also has a with a modulation input. If the modulation signal is a vco it

can sound like a waveshaper. If you send envelope cv’s in the

modulation input you can (after some tweaking) create chaotic signals

which relate to the incoming rhythmic pattern.

The Z output is the ‘sharpest’ , the X output is the ‘smoothest’. For

periodic settings the 3 different outputs are very similar (apart from the

timbre and phase).

The module is based on this circuit with the following


- There is a bicolor led indicator for each output which gives an

indication what is going on in the system.

- There are only single turn potentiometers used to keep the

design simple, this limits the finetuning control a bit.

- An option is added to let the modulation attenuator inject a DC

voltage when nothing is plugged in in the output (this can

introduce a bit of finetuning)

- It is also possible to limit the upper setting of the range control to

have more focus on the lower frequency range.

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