timo rozendal yusynth steiner parker vcf, euro


timo rozendal yusynth steiner parker vcf, euro


timo rozendal steiner parker vcf, euro

based on the yusynth iteration of the steiner parker filter, new from timo rozendal

Changes from original design: 
- no switch but separate buffered input for every mode (LP,HP,BP), 
- lowpass input is normalled to highpass and bandpass, so you can e.g. transition smoothly between high and lowpass with the knobs 
- 'tweak' resistors are replaced by trimpots 
- added decoupling capacitors for ic's 
- added a flexible footprint for the matched transistors, I tested it with THAT300, AS394 (Letvian LM394 clone), 2n3904 and BC547 (I don't hink the original 2SC1583 will fit) 
- provided panel pcb, so no wiring required 

The inputs have enough gain to overdrive a normal signal in the filter. 
The resonance is still a bit untamed and chaotic and not so useful for melodies (plus it won't self resonate at low frequencies, a known trait of this filtertype) 

our full synthcube kits include the THAT300 matched transistor pair IC and white knobs for compatibility with the red panel/white graphics

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