ttsh v4 shapers modification kit- by fuzzbass


ttsh v4 shapers modification kit- by fuzzbass

ttsh v4 shapers modification kit- by fuzzbass

full kit!!

"The TTSH Shapers module was created to add triangle and sine wave outputs to the VCO1 and VCO3 sections. These are fully compatible and identical in function and phase to the triangle and sine wave outputs of VCO2.

These additional waveform outputs create new timbre capabilities when used for modulation, be it FM, AM or both. With three sines to work with, additive synthesis techniques can be employed. All three VCOs become equally capable as LFOs. You can use a slow triangle LFO for PWM in VCO 2, as never before.

In addition to new waveform outputs, a sub-oscillator is also included, providing an bipolar audio output. The bass penalty for resonance in the VCF is no more!

The sub-oscillator may also be used as a clock/gate/event divider with a unipolar CV output. The sub oscillator may be built as a new, stand-alone module in the synth.

The sine shaper is adapted from one seen in many Thomas Henry VCO designs. Thomas has gracefully given his permission for me to use his shaper here - Thank You Thomas!

This is a complex modification and should only be performed by experienced builders. If you have built a working TTSH, then you qualify! "

For best results, use of a drill press is highly recommended.

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