vpme.de zeroscope v2

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vpme.de zeroscope v2


vpme.de zeroscope

shipping vpcb v2.2a, panel v3

we've been fans of vladimir pantelic and vpme.de since before it was vpme.de, and the first release of the Euclidean Circles came out!

PCB+Panel Set includes DIY PCB set with CPU soldered and programmed, including SMT headers to connect the PCBs, 2 plastic washers for the encoders, laser cut acrylic screen and matching screws in M2.5 and M3

6hp 2-channel Eurorack oscilloscope, frequency meter and tuner. Single, dual and X-Y modes. timebase: 10us – 10s per division, voltage range: 0.5V – 10V per division

link here: zeroscope


NOTE: certain PCBs made in 2020 had a test version of firmware installed:

to get out of that state and resume normal operation users need to do the following:

- plug nothing into CH1 and CH2

- plug a clock or and LFO into EXT

- press each encoder button at least 5 times

- rotate each encoder left/right a few times.

the unit will then exit production test state



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