yuSynth cv standards


yuSynth cv standards


yuSynth cv standards, pcb

This utility modules provides switchable discrete CVs with useful intervals such as :

  • octaves; eleven 1V steps from 0V to 10V  (useful to control the yusynth VCOs which have no octave range switches);
  • semitones; eleven 1/12 V steps from -0.4166V to 0.4166V (useful to detune a VCO with semitone intervals)
00 V-5-0.4166 V
11 V-4-0.3333 V
22 V-3-0.2500 V
33 V-2-0.1666 V
44 V-1-0.0833 V
55 V00 V
66 V+10.0833 V
77 V+20.1666 V
88 V+30.2500 V
99 V+40.3333 V
1010 V+50.4166 V

These stepped CVs are available independently on three voices and for each voice three buffered outputs are provided in order to drive more than one module (these are not multiples but true electrically separated and buffered outputs).

Also for each voice, an external CV can be summed to the stepped voltages. These inputs are intended for connecting external controllers such as a keyboard or a sequencer. Note that the input of voices 2 and 3 are defaulted to the previous input. For example if one connects a keyboard CV to IN #1 then this CV is echoed on the two others voices. But if one connects three different CVs on the three inputs, then each voice is only driven by the corrsponding input.


For the synthCube kit we provide the MFOS Universal Mounting Brackts and hardware

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