Klee Sequencer (MOTM)


Klee Sequencer (MOTM)

The Klee Sequencer is a powerful and versatile hardware sequencer designed for electronic musicians and sound designers alike. Based on the classic design of the original Klee Sequencer, this modern interpretation features 16 channels of CV and gate output, allowing for complex and intricate patterns to be created with ease. The Klee Sequencer boasts a range of innovative features such as loopable pattern lengths, probability-based step sequencing, and dynamic clock division, all of which make it an incredibly powerful tool for both live performance and studio production.


With its intuitive and tactile user interface, the Klee Sequencer is easy to use for both seasoned professionals and beginners. For the features it packs, it comes in a compact form factor, making it highly portable and perfect for on-the-go music-making. Whether you're looking to create complex polyrhythmic patterns or experiment with generative music, the Klee Sequencer is an amazing tool for any electronic musician or sound designer. The Klee Sequencer offers a unique combination of classic and modern features, making it an essential tool for any electronic musician.



The 'granddaddy' of MOTM format modules- Klee Sequencer design by Scott Stites, panel by Bridechamber, panel PCB by Frogleg Synthesis and testing/development by Brian Dunn. The panel PCB is designed to be compatible with the layout of the Dj Thomas White/Bridechamber MOTM panel. 

The full kit includes everything you need for the build— digital and analogue main PCBs, panel pcb,  and the panel— with all parts individually bagged and labelled. The panel PCB reduces the number of flying wires required since all of the switches, LEDs, and pots are soldered to the panel PCB directly. 

Each purchase supports a donation to help maintain the electro-music.com forum.

Extensive documentation exists to support your panel design and build.



Demo videos courtesy of Strong Karplus:


Module Parameters
Panel Size5U

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