olitronik pro OUT, factory kit

olitronik pro OUT, factory kitBalanced Outs and  VUmeter2 channels2 balanced outputs +4dBu 1/4″..

$79.00 Ex Tax: $79.00

olitronik obf, factory kit

olitronik obf, factory kitLFOSkew: tri, saw, ramp / pwm / sine, sawsine, rampsineSyncro input:&..

$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

olitronik micron, factory kit

olitronik micron, factory kitMicrón is a complete mini analog synthesizer, in only 8HP,VCO-7 octaves..

$129.00 Ex Tax: $129.00

ai synthesis ai016 tape echo interface

ai synthesis ai016 tape echo interfaceThe AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface is a Limited Edition Mo..

Priced from
$25.00 to $99.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

ai synthesis ai011 analog vco

ai synthesis ai011 analog vcoThe AI011 Analog VCO is a robust and stable analog Eurorack VCO. Using ..

Priced from
$25.00 to $150.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

zlob diode chaos

zlob diode chaosDiode Chaos is a 3hp analog chaotic low frequency voltage generator. It is a unique ..

Priced from
$20.00 to $80.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

befaco vcmc

befaco vcmcINTRODUCTIONVCMC is a voltage controlled MIDI controller.A fully editable MIDI controller..

Priced from
$269.00 to $399.00 Ex Tax: $269.00

befaco inamp kit, v1.1 (obsoleted)

befaco inamp kit, v1.1 (obsoleted)superceded by v1.4factory kitted..

$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

befaco inamp v1.4

befaco inamp v1.4Inamp is a dual pre-amp in just 4 HPs. Featuring 6,3 Jacks inputs as well as Minija..

Priced from
$54.00 to $129.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

befaco kickall

befaco kickallINTRODUCTIONKickall is a 6HP compact synth voice that features everything needed to ma..

Priced from
$42.00 to $279.00 Ex Tax: $42.00

befaco burst

befaco burstINTRODUCTIONBurst is a Pingable Trigger Burst generator with distribution, probability a..

Priced from
$49.00 to $219.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

befaco STMix

befaco STMixINTRODUCTIONStmix is a compact 4 channel stereo mixer with an Auxilliary input. This inp..

Priced from
$39.00 to $165.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

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