4ms eurorack diy kits, black panel versions

4ms eurorack diy kits, black panel versionsbeginning in 2018, 4ms offers their euro diy kits with bl..

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$45.00 to $195.00 Ex Tax: $45.00

frequency central process 26

frequency central process 26full kitProcess 26 is an ARP 2600 based Voltage Processor for Eurorack.I..

$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

sssr labs sm800 wobla

sssr labs sm800 woblaModern multifunctional eurorack modules give practically infinite abilities for..

Price : $40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

l-1 tube vca 2П2П

l-1 tube vca 2П2П TUBE VCA / DISTORTION / WAVESHAPER / TIMBRAL GATEavailable only as an assembl..

$299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

l-1 germanium vca

l-1 germanium vcaThe module is a VCA based on vintage soviet germanium transistors ГТ402. It gives i..

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$60.00 to $109.00 Ex Tax: $60.00

l-1 balanced stereo output

l-1 balanced stereo outputBased on high quality THAT1646 Balanced Line Driver.Input buffer 20K imped..

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$49.00 to $89.00 Ex Tax: $49.00

circuit abbey gozouta mixer, black magpie version

new from circuit abbey- the gozouta mixer!black magpie versionrev b pcbsslide pots with LEDs, LINE/S..

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$21.00 to $109.00 Ex Tax: $21.00

real fake knobs

real fake knobsReal knobs, real magnets, no real effect on anything.Tired of real knobs always chang..

Price : $12.00 Ex Tax: $12.00

delptronics module construction set

delptronics module construction seta major advance in flexibility for DIY module design using the eu..

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$11.99 to $69.00 Ex Tax: $16.00

weston PRO2021 keyboard synthesizer KIT, pre-order deposit

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDER DEPOSITS $299Reserve your delivery position in the kit queue by paying a pr..

$299.00 Ex Tax: $299.00

fatar synthesizer keybeds

beautiful handcrafted synthesizer keypads, made in Italyfuture availability in different sizes and c..

Price : $99.00 Ex Tax: $99.00

excilitas vactrols

excilitas vactrols original (perkin elmer)no longer manufacturedavailable configurations includ..

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$12.00 to $19.00 Ex Tax: $13.00