Electronic instrument maker Ginkosynthese was founded in 2012 by designer and builder 
Jan Willem Hagenbeek. Hagenbeek started making music on his parents' computer in 1992, and his passion for creation still burns bright today.

From Jan Willem Hagenbeek of Ginkosynthese:

"As an electronic musician I have firsthand experience with the gap between the feel of playing live on stage and the more controlled environment when working in the studio for productions. Therefore all of my products are designed with a focus on the immediacy of live performance, but of course they can be easily integrated into a studio environment.

Although I am a graduated architect I now only design and build musical instruments and cases. My first music creation steps were made in 1992 when using my parents computer. I started to experiment with sounds and trackers trying to make music which was not easy to put in a certain style. From there I started to experiment with circuit bending and modding which resulted in a range of live acts from 2004 in collaboration with several other musicians and visual artists. My first live solo project (2004) on stage was an Atari-controlled orchestra of electronic child toys. Since then more audio-visual projects have been presented on stage. 

The modules I make as Ginkosynthese have shaped my sound further and I am always searching for new ideas to make non standard musical electronic instruments."

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Ginko Synthese Battle w/ Profader

 ginko synthese battleThe BATTLE is a two channel mixer, inspired by the battle mixer..

$259.00 Ex Tax: $259.00

Ginko Synthese EZSQ

 ginko synthese EZSQ, full kitModular GridThe EZSQ is a simple 8 step sequencer f..

$79.90 Ex Tax: $79.90

Ginko Synthese Grains

 ginko synthese grains, full kitmodular gridThe GRAINS is one of the easiest mo..

$79.90 Ex Tax: $79.90

Ginko Synthese Mic

 ginko synthese mic, full kitmodular grid ..

$59.90 Ex Tax: $59.90

Ginko Synthese Mix

 ginko synthese mix, full kitmodular gridThe Mix is a DIY kit for a simple 3 channe..

$59.90 Ex Tax: $59.90

Ginko Synthese Phono Pre-amp

 ginko synthese phono preampDirectly insert your record player into your eurorack setup..

$89.90 Ex Tax: $89.90

Ginko Synthese Seeds

 ginko synthese seeds, full kitmodular gridThe SEEDS is a complex powerful 8 bi..

$109.90 Ex Tax: $109.90

Ginko Synthese Tool

 ginko synthese tool, full kitModular GridCV signal manipulatorFeatures:2..

$89.99 Ex Tax: $89.99

Ginko Synthese Touch

 ginko synthese touch, full kitmodular gridThis module has two touch points for con..

$49.90 Ex Tax: $49.90

Ginko Synthese TTLFO v2 (DIY Kit)

 ginko synthese TTLFO v2, full kitModular GridThis is the upgraded version of the T..

$109.90 Ex Tax: $109.90

Ginko Synthese VCSQ2

 ginko synthese VCSQ2, full kitmodular grid What is the VCSQ2? The VCSQ2 i..

$139.90 Ex Tax: $139.90