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1N69 NOS Germanium

Probably made in the 1950s, some have the old "CBS" logo. V fwd range .32 to .37. Limited ..

$4.89 Ex Tax: $4.89

1N91 NOS Germanium Power Diode - GE

Lower V fwd than glass types, range .13 to .14 V. Mixed lot of silver and black case, color our choi..

$3.69 Ex Tax: $3.69

1N91 NOS Germanium Power Diode - Hytron

Lower V fwd than glass types, range .125 to .14 V. Raw stock was probably GE, re-labeled by a U.S. s..

$4.89 Ex Tax: $4.89

1N92 NOS Germanium Power Diode

Lower V fwd than glass types, range .13 to .14 V. Limited stock, no bulk sales. ..

$3.89 Ex Tax: $3.89

AA120 NOS Germanium - Mazda

I had never seen this style. The bar on the case marks the positive side V fwd range .16 to .18. Lim..

$2.69 Ex Tax: $2.69

AAZ12/CV7364 NOS Germanium - Mullard

Some people will buy these just as antiques! They are all NOS, but some came to us bulk so we can..

$3.29 Ex Tax: $3.29

AAZ13/CV7389 NOS Germanium

Most are plastic package as shown. A few are in glass. Typical V fwd .22 V. Limited stock, no bulk s..

$2.69 Ex Tax: $2.69

Diode 1S1588

The OEM clipping diode in the Tube Screamer. I bought these from a U.S. source, and they have been a..

$0.99 Ex Tax: $0.99

Diode 1N270 House-Number

Germanium diode for some vintage designs..

$0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Diode 1N456 GI

for the Ampeg Scrambler, NOS General Instrument ..

$0.49 Ex Tax: $0.49

Diode 1N70

I only have a few that I found in a basement. V fwd is higher than most germanium I have seen, .38 t..

$1.10 Ex Tax: $1.10

Diode 1S1588

NOS Toshiba, clipping diode in the original Tube Screamer ..

$3.69 Ex Tax: $3.69

Diode Fairchild FDH900

Silicon, planar, low-capacitance, high-speed switching. Try these when you can't find the M..

$2.69 Ex Tax: $2.69

Diode Hitachi 1SS120TD

NOS, alternate for clipping loops in the TS and other ODs. V Fwd .66V ..

$1.69 Ex Tax: $1.69

Diode Hitachi NOS Silicon "Point 4"

From the original factory bags, no part number. They test "in-between" silicon and germanium, Vfwd a..

$0.45 Ex Tax: $0.45

Diode NOS Germanium Japanese White

NOS Work-alike for the 1N34a and others, fairly narrow range of V fwd .23 to .245 V..

$0.55 Ex Tax: $0.55