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Qu-Bit Aurora Spectral Reverb

 Reverb. Well...kind of.Welcome to Aurora, a spectral reverb capable of a wide palette ..

$359.00 Ex Tax: $359.00

Qu-Bit Bloom Sequencer

 Bloom is a fractal sequencer capable of generating infinitely evolving melodies with a hos..

$349.00 Ex Tax: $349.00

Qu-Bit Cascade EG/VCA/Voice

 Cascade is a ratcheting envelope generator, VCA, and sound source all within a compact for..

$296.00 Ex Tax: $296.00

Qu-Bit Data Bender

 Data Bender is a circuit bent digital audio buffer. It is inspired by the ways in which au..

$369.00 Ex Tax: $369.00

Qu-Bit Mojave

 Qu-Bit Electronix Mojave Stereo Live Granular ProcessorMojave is a granular sands..

$399.00 Ex Tax: $399.00

Qu-Bit Nautilus Delay

 Qu-Bit Nautilus DelayNautilus is a complex delay network inspired by sub-nautical comm..

$399.00 Ex Tax: $399.00

Qu-Bit Nebulae v2

 Qu-Bit Nebulae v2 Nebulae is a granular sampler and DSP platform. Its phase v..

$499.00 Ex Tax: $499.00