WORNG Electronics

WORNG Electronics is a manufacturer of Eurorack synthesizer modules, based in Melbourne, Australia.

WORNG's modules most frequently deal with stereo field manipulation and spatialization.

WORNG Electronics' aim is to give you new tools to manipulate sound in ways that weren't previously possible.
The company came into existence out of a need for a Mid/Side processing module in Eurorack, to be able to expand
the traditionally mono Eurorack system into working in stereo. Rather than reproducing the past, WORNG modules
build on the circuits and concepts which have come before and expand them into new realms and dimensions.

WORNG Electronics designs come from a multidisciplinary background of interaction design, live sound production,
electronic engineering and live performance. Every design is assessed not just for electronic functionality but also
rom an interaction design point of view for a musician. It would be easy to simply design a circuit and put it behind a panel with a uniform interface,
but these modules are designed to be part of a musical instrument, and musical instruments need interfaces
which inform the musician and help them create without getting in the way.

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worng bufftest, pcb+panel euro 4hp

worng bufftest, pcb+panel euro 4hpdual 1:3 buffered mult with integrated cable tested and manual gat..

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 Worng LRMSMSLR Mid/Side Encoder/Decoder The LRMSMSLR brings the power of mid/side..

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