Molten Voltage & PedalSync

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Analog BBD Delay Clock Module MV-64

The board provides regulated power for the chip from a 9-volt source, connections for tap tempo, pot..

$44.95 Ex Tax: $44.95

MV-58 PedalSync Master Control Development Board

Sends Program Change, Clock, and self-programming commands to other PedalSync devices. Storage for 1..

Price : $54.95 Ex Tax: $54.95

One-Trick Pony Modules

Each module includes firmware that outputs specific MIDI info when the switch is pressed. The kit in..

Price : $22.95 Ex Tax: $22.95

Relay Bypass Module Kit MV-57

True bypass switching, controllable by other Pedalsync chips or 3.3V or 5V logic signal. Includes th..

$21.95 Ex Tax: $21.95