Black Corp Kijimi Polysynth (DIY)


black corporation Kijimi

full parts kit to complete the black corporation Kijimipolysynth project!

Full information about the Kijimi is here: kijimji main page

this amazing diy project includes over 3200 discrete parts !

the majority of parts are thru hole; the exception is ~600 0805 size capacitors which most through-hole DIY builders have no trouble installing. 

Version info: Please pay attention to the versions described in the Options tab. PLEASE NOTE THE SPECIFIC VERSION NOTED ON YOUR PCB SET VOICE CARDS

V1- The original DIY Kijimi was made from 2018 until around mid-2021

V2- Black Corp made a major revision to the Voice cards as of mid-2021. 


The additional items you will need to complete a full DIY Kimiji include:

PCB Set from synthCube OR Black Corp:    (includes 12 PCBs: frontpanel board, motherboard, 8x voice cards, power supply board, breakout board and the motherboard has the MCU and DACs (digital to analogue converters used to control the analogue circuitry) and related SMT parts preinstalled

Panel/Case from DIY Hub: kijimi case and panel

XMOS Programmer from Digikey: programmer

Everything else you need is included in the synthCube kit! (except solder)

(note: the synthCube kit comes with Rogan skirted black knobs/white pointers so your finished product will look slightly different than the Black Corporation rendering)




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