Circuit Abbey Thruster



Circuit Abbey Thruster

updated version of the now defunct Impluse Drive! 

Produces complex PWM-ish waveforms with tons of harmonics for filters to chew on.

black PCB material panel, graphics by Circuit Abbey


The original Impulse Drive descrption:

The Impulse Drive is a triple PWM generator with Digital RingMod(TM) on the outputs, cross-faded inputs (cv of course), and sub divides derived from the crossfader output.

There are two inputs at the top. All ins and outs are DC coupled. There is a crossfader between the two inputs. The injector select CV controls the crossfader, as does the injector select knob. The injector level is a fader on the output of the crossrader.

Then the signal gets routed to the three PWM generators. The grid CVs set the level of the generators, as does the offset knobs. The three level knobs are faders for the grid CV inputs. The monitor output is the crossfader output.

Now here is where it gets tricky. The crossfader output gets turned into a square wave that gets digital ringmod'd with the first PWM to produce Out1. The second PWM gets ring-mod'd with Out1 to make Out2, and the same for Out3. Each successive stage adds harmonic content that is CV controllable. Div2, 3, and 4 are the crossfader output divided down.”




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