Neutron DIY uBraids I (White Magpie v2)



diy uBraids I, white magpie v2

magpie modular + neutron sound + michigan synthworks collaboration  


pcb version 2

build thread : uBraids v2 link

further description courtesy of magpie modular:

What you will need to build this:
This is an advanced build. After you follow the basic build guide and solder in the 0603 & TSSOP components and you will have to flash two microprocessors with two different programmers... It is not insurmountable but if you haven't done a microprocessor based build I would recommend something simpler to start.

Nothing has been altered component-wise from v5 of Braids. Some ICs were shrunk down to TSSOP packages in order to create more space. This means that any future firmware upgrade on Braids or alternate firmware such as Tim Churches Bees in the Trees should load and work fine.

Hardware needed:

FTDI Programmer (removed the jtag header for space reasons)

AVR Programmer

OLED (can be found cheaper elsewhere)

I recommend using and installing the Mutable Instruments Vagrant Dev Environment to Flash the Braids aspect of this with any firmware you like. Flash as you would any normal DIY Mutable Instrument build.

You will then need to install the

The library cannot determine the screen size via software. You have to specify it in the header file. Go into the library folder and open the file Adafruit_SSD1306.h. Toward the top you'll see a section of comments that tell how how to edit the file for different kinds of display. This is a 128x32 SPI OLED.

    You can then load the display code

    Module Parameters

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