Fuzzbucket (Grayscale)



fuzzbucket grayscale version

2018 synthCube Module Design Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Nathan Fraser and his collaborators for this unique module design!

fuzzbucket is an 8HP eurorack fuzz and delay module made up of a two transistor fuzz circuit and an MN3005 bucket brigade delay (BBD). Unlike most delay implementations which aim to mask sampling and reconstruction error, the Fuzz Bucket provides direct unfiltered access to delay line inputs and outputs as well as override of the BBD clock. All of the aliasing, distortion, and clock noise peculiar to bucket brigade delay is celebrated as a primary effect instead of being hidden away as an unwanted problem. In addition, a silicon "fuzz face" is grafted onto one of the audio inputs, to add some extra colour.

you can purchase the pcb+MN3005 IC or the pcb+panel+MN3005 IC if you do not already have the MN3005 BBD IC available to you. 

we supply Xvive MN3005 Ics. We do have a small stock of original NOS MN3005 BBD ICs. Inquire if you'd like to use one of those for your build. They are quite expensive. 

Module Parameters
Panel Size8HP

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