Hexinverter Liquid Hi Hat PCB

Out Of Stock Hexinverter Liquid Hi Hat PCB


Hexinverter Liquid Hi Hat PCB

This is a SPDT switch which toggles between the output modes. In the UP position, Output A and Output B function independently. In the DOWN position, Output A is turned into a mix of Voice A+B, and Output B stays outputting only Voice B.

These are two SPDT toggles which toggle between usable frequency ranges for each voice. UP = "HIGH", DOWN = "LOW" (note that if you cannot fit the words "high" and "low", you could use something else...no problem, it's just an idea :D )

These are CV inputs that vary the pitch of the respective voice. They are individually CV'ed so to CV both at once you would of course just plug your CV into both inputs.

These are the two output jacks. Refer to SW.MIX for what each one outputs. Output A is the top and Output B is the bottom of course.

Voice Controls:

F1, F2, F3
These are frequency controls. Each one represents the frequency of one of the noise generating oscillators (there are 6 in total) and is a standard linear frequency sweep.


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