Horstronic Joystick Controller

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Horstronic Joystick Controller

The Horstronic Joystick can output X and Y axes of CV, to manipulate two different CVs at once. It can either be used to scale/offset/attenuate incoming signals OR to generate control voltages without any input purely on the position of the joystick.

It not only has a CV output per channel, but also an input. Depending on the position of the unipolar/bipolar switch (labelled + and +/-), you can use the joystick to alter the signal from nothing to full-on in + mode or from inverted to 0 (in middle position) to full on in +/- mode. Both channels also have an offset and a scale potentiometer which gives you the ability to offset the signal from -5V to +5V or scale it from inverted to full on before going through the joystick.

The full synth diy kit includes everything you need for the build, including the joystick!

Important: The full kit is offered ‘on-demand.’ When we receive your order for the kit, we will prepare and QC your full kit before shipping. Depending upon demand and availability-  the kit could ship as early as a day or two, or in some cases could take up to two weeks to ship.

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