Ian Fritz Threeler VCF (Black Magpie)

Ian Fritz Threeler VCF (Black Magpie)


Ian Fritz Threeler VCF (Black Magpie)


A very special euro filter--- courtesy of Ian Fritz- the Threeler!

20 hp wide, approximately 2.4" deep

Black panel version by Magpie Modular

One of our favorite Magpie panel designs ever!

in his own words:

"I'm partial to 3d order, musically. My 3d order filter has four switchable combinations of HP/LP stages and output from each stage.

Demos may be heard/seen here:

Several people have said this is the all-time best-ever filter. I don'tknow about that -- I've always been more interested in the waveshaping approach to timbre -- but please listen and see what you think about the musicality.”



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