Kit - The GC Lynch V1.0 (PCB Not Included)

Kit - The GC Lynch V1.0 (PCB Not Included)

The God City Instruments (GCI) Lynch is an active 3-band, sweepable mid, EQ circuit with which can be built as a stand-alone pedal, or used as a mod to add EQ control to another circuit. A volume trim control is also available on the front panel to compensate for any loss or boost in volume caused by equalization. Interesting results can be found using it before an overdrive, distortion or fuzz, but traditionally an EQ such as this would be placed after a dirt pedal.

Please Note:


The 50K dual-gang pot for the frequency control is only available with solder terminals and must be wired off-board.

PCB and 3PDT board availanle at

For the GCI Stockwell V1.1 build guide please click here.

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