Transistor Pair - Fuzz Face PNP, Blue on Black

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The Blue-on-Black Fuzz pair. Two matched US Germanium PNP transistors from the late 1950s, early 60's. Tested in the Fuzz Face circuit and supplied with biasing resistors. Will also work in Bear Face, "Two-knob" Tone Benders, "69", Fuller Mods, etc. We guarantee reasonable noise floor and correct biasing. Purchase Limits apply.

Blue - Tung-Sol TS604, T0-5 Germanium. 80-110 Hfe. Leackage under 300 µA

Black - GE, House #, T0-5 Germanium. 110-199 Hfe. Leakage under 300 µA. 

It's rare but there may be times where black will be Q1 and Blue Q2. 

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