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Switch - Replacement For Big Muff

For repair of the Russian-made BMP. No cap, but you can pull off the one from the bad switch. ..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $14.95

ALFA RPAR AS3080 OTA IC - CA3080 Replacement

 The AS3080E is a gain block which is the operational-transconductance-amplifier (OTA). The..

Price : $4.99 Ex Tax: $3.99

ALFA RPAR AS3280 / AS3280A 'White Dot' Variant - CA3280 Replacement

 The AS3280 and AS3280A types consist of two variable operational amplifiers that are desig..

Priced from
$7.99 to $8.99 Ex Tax: $7.99

ALFA RPAR AS3310 ADSR EG IC - CEM3310 Replacement

 The AS3310 is a self-contained, precision ADSR type of envelope generator intended for ele..

Price : $5.99 Ex Tax: $5.99

ALFA RPAR AS3320 VCF IC - CEM3320 Replacement

 The AS3320 is a high performance voltage controlled four-pole filter with on-chip voltage ..

Price : $6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50

ALFA RPAR AS3340 / AS3340A VCO IC - CEM3340 Replacement

The AS3340 is Alfa’s fantastic clone of the famous CEM3340 voltage-controlled oscill..

Priced from
$5.99 to $16.99 Ex Tax: $5.99

ALFA RPAR AS3350 IC - CEM3350 Replacement

 The AS 3350 is a dual voltage controlled state-variable filter intended for electronic mus..

Price : $7.49 Ex Tax: $7.49

CA3280E OTA IC (2 pcs)

 CA3280E OTA IC Are you in need of a CA3280 replacement? You’ve come to ..

$54.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

portabellaz ua726 replacement

portabellaz ua726 pcbThe pA726 is a CA3046-based analog exponential converter with thermal oven comp..

Priced from
$15.00 to $35.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

SSI2144 - SSM2044 Drop-in Replacement PCB Adapter

 SSI2144 - SSM2044 Drop-in Replacement PCB Adapter Uses SSI2144 SMT IC.Sou..

Priced from
$2.00 to $25.00 Ex Tax: $3.00

THAT4301 Replacement PCB Chiclet THAT4305 DIP-20

 THAT4301 Replacement PCB Chiclet THAT4305 DIP-20THAT Corp obsoleted the THAT 4301 and ..

$18.99 Ex Tax: $18.99