NLC1012 Bools (C68 Aluminum)

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NLC1012 Bools (C68 Aluminum Version)

These are nice. The inputs can be any signal crossing 1V. The logic outputs give 5V gates that are all related to each other as made up of different input combinations. The S&H input can be a trigger, gate or CV. The stepped and slewed outputs an be very similar to what comes out of the Sauce of Unce or Buchla 265 SOU. The ICs are all thru-hole, resistors can be 1206 or 0805 smd. Pretty easy build, has 4 LEDs for blinkenlights.
Using different logic chips gives you some pretty different behaviour so it is worth having more than one of these. The XOR/XNOR chips cn be used as crude ring modulators at audio frequencies.

This is a great module for just patching in any spare outputs from LFOs, sequencers, ADSRs, etc and generating a whole bunch of gates and CVs that are sync'd with everything else going on in your patch.

aluminum euro panel by clarke robinson


synthcube kits are available in each flavor of logic:

NOR logic- blue leds, CD4001 IC

NAND logic- amber LEDs, CD4011 IC

OR logic- red LED, CD4071 IC

AND logic- white LEDs, CD4081 IC

XNOR logic- green LEDs, CD4077 IC

XOR logic- yellow LEDs, CD4030 IC


documentation here: nlc bools documentation




Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyEasy - Moderate
Parts Count90
SMT partsMostly or all SMT
Module Parameters

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red LED, OR logic kit
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