NLC1013 Brain Custard (C68 Aluminum)

Nonlinearcircuits NLC1013 Brain Custard (C68 Aluminum)

Nonlinearcircuits NLC1013 Brain Custard (C68 Aluminum)


Nonlinearcircuits NLC1013 Brain Custard (C68 Aluminum)


Brain Custard - 9 audio rate chaotic signals mixed to form 'neuron clusters' The idea is low frequency patterns will emerge from the mayhem. Really it will be vaguely controllable noise and lots of it.....with LEDs

The aluminum Eurorack panel design by Clarke Robinson.

The full DIY synth kit includes everything you need to complete the module, all parts individually bagged and labelled.





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These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count123
SMT partsMostly or all SMT
Module Parameters
Panel Size12HP

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