NLC1042 Multiband Distortion Processor (C68)

NLC Multiband Distortion Processor (C68)


NLC Multiband Distortion Processor (C68)


This module is made up of smaller circuits based on the following; Buchla 194 fixed bandpass filter, four Shin-ei SY2 Fuzz circuits, 4 Korg 3200 vactrol VCAs, an input buffer and an output summing sub-circuit. As the block diagram shows, the input signal(s) are split into frequency bands. Each band is then sent to the fuzz/distortion circuit and outputs to a VCA via a blend pot which mixes the distorted signal with the original clean signal. Each of the four vactrol based VCAs can be individually controlled by CV and the signal for each channel is available on the panel. The final stage sums the 4 signals and sends this to the two panel jacks. Interesting results can be obtained by controlling the VCAs with different CVs, many new sounds and harmonics can be heard as the different frequency bands are brought in & out of the mix. It is also interesting to feed one of the channel outputs back into the spare input jack


full kit includes everything you need to build the module, with all parts individually bagged and labelled

aluminum euro panel by clarke robinson


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count248
SMT partsMostly SMT
Module Parameters
Panel Size18HP

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