NLC1057 Triad Triple EG (White NLC)

Nonlinearcircuits Triad Triple EG (White NLC)


NLC1057 Triad Triple EG (White NLC)


white panel (yellow panels no longer available)

These are AR or AD generators that will fire on a trigger or a gate, giving envelopes up to approx 25 seconds. A single gate to input 1 will fire all 3 envelopes, when nothing is plugged into inputs 2 & 3.

SMD chips and resistors, but a very easy build with minimal components.

this uses the panel supplied by nlc

full kits include everything you need, all parts individually bagged and labelled. 

this kit is mostly SMT parts


Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyEasy - Moderate
Parts Count74
SMT partsMostly SMT
Module Parameters
Panel Size8HP

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