NLC1002 32:1 (White Magpie)

NLC1002 32:1 (White Magpie Version) - synthCube


nlc1002 32:1, white magpie version

32 to 1 or 1 to 32 multiplexor, or 32 stage counter, with clock in, reset and up/down controls. These can be used to route audio and/or CV signals.
LEDs count in binary, so just 5 of them...rather than 32.
Stacked PCBs, no wiring! 36 jacks.
This module is inspired by the 32 stage counter/multiplexor developed by Julian Driscoll and Warren Burt, although this version is a completely different & simplified design using 16:1 analogue switching ICs that will pass any voltage within the rails.

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Module Parameters
Panel Size14HP

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