NLC1028 2xLFO (Black Magpie)

NLC 2xLFO (Black Magpie)


NLC1028 2xLFO (Black Magpie)

Two wide ranging LFOs; from approx 830 Hz down to 0.02Hz (1 cycle every 50 seconds), giving tri and square waveforms. There is also a difference rectifier onboard which gives signals corresponding to the positive and negative aspects of the difference between the two tri waves. 

All thru hole components, no wiring to do. 
Panel by Magpie Modular, Eurorack 8hp.

The full kit includes everything you need, with each part individually bagged and labelled.



On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


Module Parameters
Panel Size8HP

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