PG-13 Passive Gates (S3 Series)

PG-13 LPG (S3 Series)


PG-13 Passive Gates (S3 Series)


The PG-13 is so easy to build, even a kid could do it! (Adult supervision recommended).

PG-13 is a simple, yet endlessly useful, passive dual gate with a tone control.(A pseudo-LPG, sorry no resonance!) Feed it a signal and use CV to control its amplitude!

The vactrol adds a subtle "release" envelope to simple trigger pulses, freeing up an envelope for other uses!

This module is a great first build for those new to synth DIY, or those who want an easy refresher!

All the components are through-hole, and the circuit does not connect directly to your power supply.

Optiional Modification: Use 470 ohm resistors instead of 1K for deaper AM. This will require more current from the CV source, use buffers when driveing multiple inputs. 


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