DIY Synth Kits

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Barton BMC053 4QMP

 Barton BMC053 4QMP This module is a specialized VCA that can act as a Four-Qu..

Priced from
$8.00 to $169.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC054 Stereo Output

 Barton BMC054 Stereo Output This module is a 4 channel panning mixer that pro..

Priced from
$8.00 to $229.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC055 Sallen-Key Filter

 Barton BMC055 Sallen-Key Filter This module is a voltage controlled Sallen-Ke..

Priced from
$8.00 to $169.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC056 Utility Buttons

  Barton BMC056 Utility Buttons Utility Buttons is a performance/cont..

Priced from
$16.00 to $149.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Barton BMC057 Gated Slew

 Barton BMC057 Gated Slew This is a slew (also known as glide or portamento) m..

Priced from
$8.00 to $129.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC059 Multi-PWM

 barton bmc059 multi-pwmThis module is a waveshaper that uses several PWM circuits (com..

Priced from
$8.00 to $109.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton BMC060 Toggle Quantizer

 bmc060 Toggle QuantizerThe Toggle Quantizer is a single channel quantizer with a range..

Priced from
$12.00 to $89.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Barton BMC084 2 Channel Voltage to Rhythm Converter

 barton bmc084 2 channel voltage to rhythm converter This is a two channel ve..

Priced from
$14.00 to $35.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac Banana DIY)

 Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac Banana DIY) this is a full kit to build a michael..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $89.00

Barton Dual Quantizer (Frac DIY)

 this is a full kit to build a michael barton dual simple quantizerit includes everythi..

$89.00 Ex Tax: $89.00

Beast-Tek Amoeba 2.0

 Beast-Tek Amoeba 2.0 At the core of Amoeba is an artificial intelligence base..

$199.00 $129.00 Ex Tax: $129.00

Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch VCO 3

 Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch VCO 3The Beast-Tek Dirty Glitch is a high experimental V..

Price : $150.00 $109.00 Ex Tax: $109.00

Beast-Tek Double Dragon

 Beast Tek Double Dragon Double Dragon is a dual complex LFO that packs a fata..

$199.00 $129.00 Ex Tax: $129.00

Beast-Tek Irukandji Glitch Drum/VCO 3

 Beast-Tek Irukandji Glitch Drum/VCO 3The Irukandji Glitch Drum can be used as a drum..

$150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Beast-Tek Microbe 1.2

 Beast-Tek Microbe 1.2 Microbe is a cut-down version of its big brother Amoeba..

$164.00 Ex Tax: $164.00

Beast-Tek Mutagen

 Beast-Tek Mutagen Mutagen is packed with logic options for adding spice and v..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

Beast-Tek P-239 Hyper Fist VCO 3

 Beast-Tek P-239 Hyper Fist VCO 3 The Plutonium-239 Hyper Fist is a post apoca..

Price : $150.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Beast-Tek Parasite 1.2

 Beast-Tek Parasite 1.2 Parasite is a dedicated expander module for the Beast-..

Price : $99.00 Ex Tax: $99.00

Beast-Tek Pathogen (DIY Kit)

 Beast-Tek Pathogen (DIY Kit)Pathogen is comprised of two separate tempo synchronized..

$189.00 Ex Tax: $189.00

Beast-Tek Pixel Drum 1.3

 Beast-Tek Pixel Drum 1.3Full factory kit from beast-tekPixel Drum is a gritty, g..

$175.00 Ex Tax: $175.00

Beast-Tek Transmuter

Beast-Tek Transmuter​​ Transmuter is a bi-directional 8 channel MIDI to gate/trigge..

Price : $175.00 $119.00 Ex Tax: $119.00

Beers 4047 VCO

 Beers 4047 VCOWe are delighted to be offering these eurorack modules designed in Austr..

Priced from
$29.00 to $149.00 Ex Tax: $29.00

Befaco A*B+C v2

 Befaco A*B+C v2The A*B+C is a dual, four-quadrant multiplier with VC Offset.FEAT..

Priced from
$25.00 to $175.00 Ex Tax: $25.00

Befaco BF-22 Sallen Key VCF v3.3

 Befaco BF-22 Sallen Key VCF v3.3The Befaco BF-22 Sallen Key VCF is a dual Hi/Lo..

Priced from
$62.00 to $315.00 Ex Tax: $55.00

Befaco Burst

 Befaco Burst INTRODUCTION Burst is a Pingable Trigger Burst generator with d..

Priced from
$49.00 to $189.00 Ex Tax: $49.00