diy edges, grayscale version


diy edges, grayscale version


diy edges

pcb design courtesy of the circuit designer via creative commons license

pcbs produced in blue material with immersion gold finish

euro panel 20hp by grayscale

full kit includes everything you need to complete the module. with the ATMega pre-flashed for you using the latest firmware

all parts bagged and individually labelled


4 channels of soundchip-style sounds, with frequency CV control and Gate control (note on/off).

Channels 1 and 3 are square/pulse (4 MHz clock rate) with 5 preset duty cycles. Extra modulation options are 1>2 sync, 1^2 ringmod and 1^3 ringmod. Channel 4 is either a NES-triangle or one of several flavors of pitched LSFR noise.

Bonus features: 8-step sequence recorder for each channel (individually clocked by the channel's GATE input) ; input CV quantizer ; DIY MIDI interface.


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