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CBI GA1 Instrument Cables

Neutrik/REAN nickel 1/4" connectors and U.S.-made #20 cable, assembled in New York.   ..

Priced from
$5.95 to $7.95 Ex Tax: $5.95

CBI Pedal Patch Cords

High-quality Chinese-made plugs and #20 U.S.-made cable, assembled in New York. Click the title..

$6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50

CBI Prism Series 15' Guitar Cable

Made with 20 Gauge Instrument Wire Uses Neutrik/Rean Nickel 1/4” Connector Nylon C.B.I...

Price : $9.95 Ex Tax: $9.95

Daisy-Chain Cable - 10 Positions 2.1mm

Nice quality molded right-angle plugs, 9" separations, terminates in an in-line conne..

$2.95 Ex Tax: $2.95

How To Modify Guitar Pedals

By Brian Wampler of Indyguitarist--Many detailed descriptions, diagrams and illustrations. ..

Price : $49.95 Ex Tax: $49.95

Lava Cable Pedal Patch Cords

Switchcraft plugs and 6" Magma cable in your choice of colors. ..

Priced from
$6.95 to $14.00 Ex Tax: $6.95

Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free Pedal-board Kit

Easy-to-assemble and reliable solution! The kit includes 10 plugs, 10 feet of cable and a convenient..

Price : $59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

MFOS Guitar Envelope Follower Bare PCB

MFOS Guitar Envelope Follower Bare PCBproduct page: guitar envelope follower filter..

$15.00 Ex Tax: $15.00

Power Cable 25" 2.1mm Plugs

Nice quality molded  right-angle plugs, for 2.1mm center pin ..

$1.45 Ex Tax: $1.45

RockBoard Flat Patch Cables

 RockBoard patch cables are extra flat and space-saving. Designed to optimize pedalboard real e..

Priced from
$4.80 to $10.00 Ex Tax: $4.50

Small Bear Circuit Paw Guitar Picks

Circuit Paw guitar picks. Available in standard celluloid with glossy, smooth finish, and in a ..

Price : $2.95 Ex Tax: $2.95

Barton BMC030 Guitar Input, pcb

 michael bartons, guitar input pcbbuild guide and bom here: http://www.bartonmusic..

$8.00 Ex Tax: $8.00

MFOS Guitar Subcommander

MFOS guitar subcommander    guitar subcommander     &nb..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $45.00

Zeppelin Design Labs - Percolator 2W Tube Guitar Amp (valve amp) DIY kit

 Percolator 2W Tube Guitar Amp (valve amp) DIY kitThe Percolator 2 Watt Tube Amp (valve..

$259.00 Ex Tax: $259.00