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eurorack hardware pmix - passive mixer

 eurorack hardware pmix - passive mixerThe PMIX is a passive audio and CV mixer that co..

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$9.99 to $19.99 Ex Tax: $9.99

Waveform, 1U Cattenuator Dual Attenuator Passive diy kit

 1U Cattenuator Dual Attenuator Passive project #7The Waveform 1U Cattenuator module is..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Waveform, 1U Headphone Mixer Passive diy kit

 1U Headphone Mixer Passive project #7The Waveform 1U Headphone mixer module is 8H..

$17.00 Ex Tax: $17.00

Waveform, 1U LPG/VCA Passive diy kit

 1U LPG/VCA Passive project #7The Waveform 1U LPG/VCA module is an 8HP passive pow..

$18.00 Ex Tax: $18.00

Waveform, 1U Ribbon Controller Passive diy kit

 1U Ribbon Controller Passive project #7The Waveform 1U Ribbon Controller Passive ..

$37.00 Ex Tax: $37.00