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Alpha 24mm Vertical Potentiometer (15mm Knurled T18 Shaft Solder Lug)

 Alpha 24mm vertical potentiometer with 15mm knurled t18 shaft solder lugManufactu..

Price : $2.49 Ex Tax: $2.49

Alpha 9mm Vertical Potentiometer (15mm D-Shaft PC Pin)

 Alpha 9mm vertical potentiometer with 15mm d-shaft pc pinManufactured by Taiwan Alpha ..

Price : $2.69 Ex Tax: $2.69

Alps Vertical Flat Snap-in 10K Ohms 9mm D-shaft 20mm

 p/n RK09L1140A2Upopular snap-in PCB pot for many synth DIY projectsquantity p..

$1.55 Ex Tax: $1.55

BI/TT Vertical Flat 10K Ohm Linear 9mm d-shaft 15mm Pot

 p/n P091N-FC15BR10Kpopular snap-in PCB pot for many synth DIY projects  ..

$1.29 Ex Tax: $1.29

Song Huei 12mm Vertical Encoder (Black Knurled Plastic Shaft)

 12mm vertical encoder with push-on switchp/n ED1212S24P24C25KC24 positions, 2..

$3.50 Ex Tax: $3.50