Thomas Henry Super Controller (Aluminum)

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Thomas Henry Supercontroller (Aluminum)

This module & SMT PCB was designed and manufactured with kind permission of “FONITRONIK” and Thomas Henry. It is the Supercontroller Circuit published in Polyphony Issue Sept./Oct. 1981 and his book “Build a better music Synthesizer” 1987. This version of the module is a Eurorack format with some extra functionality added such as an extra delay mode and external sample & hold clock. To quote Thomas Henry: “If the VCO, VCF, and VCA form the heart of a synthesizer, then this module is surely the brain! It gives you most standard controller options (LFO, noise source, and sample and hold), but also includes some extras. The heart of the Super Controller Module (SCM) is the SN76477. This chip is known as a complex sound generator and was originally designed to provide sound effects for pinball machines and other computer type games.” Another use of the SN76477 chip is in the famous video game from 1978 called Space Invaders. The chips role in the Space Invaders game was to meerly produce the flying saucer sound thus it was hardwired for this single sound on the games sound board. Other sound generating circuits on the sound board filled the roles of all the other sounds for the game. Seems a waste and Thomas Henry certainly recognized all the chips possibilities many years ago.

panel design by cameron korth

pcb design and layout by bill manganaro at sMs audio electronics

full kit includes everything you need and is supplied with black knobs

electro-music forum build thread is here: e-m thread

muffwiggler build thread is here: muffs thread


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Kit Parameters
SMT partsSome
Module Parameters
Panel Size20HP

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