weston precision audio thru-zero vco

weston precision audio thru-zero vco


weston precision audio thru-zero vco

TZ0 is a DIY-friendly analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator module in Eurorack format. TZ0 is a triangle-core VCO which is capable of thru-zero linear FM. This VCO has been engineered for extremely good 1 V/oct response over a large tuning range and great thermal stability.

The panel+pcb bundle comes with the panel, pcb set and matched Q and tempco RTD pre-installed— all other parts need to be sourced and assembled!

The bundle does NOT include knobs— select your own color scheme

+Thru-Zero Linear Frequency Modulation.
+5 wave shapes: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, & Pulse.
+Extremely good tuning linearity (<+/-5cents over 10 octaves).
+Built-in high frequency compensation.
+Hard Sync input (reset type).
+Built in VCA for modulating Linear FM signal with an envelope.
+Robust old-school design with mostly through hole components, large copper traces, and easily obtainable replacement parts.


more info here: https://westonaudio.com/tz0.html

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