4ms Pod40X Powered Eurorack Case

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The 4ms Pod series Eurorack modular synthesizer cases each come with a built-in Eurorack power supply, making them a great place to start your next build! With a sleek, compact design, these cases are perfect for portable setups and studio use alike. The built-in Eurorack power supply ensures that all of your modules are powered correctly and safely, and the high-quality construction provides a reliable and sturdy home for your modules. Whether you're just getting started with modular synthesis or you're an experienced user looking for a versatile and reliable case, the 4ms POD series is an excellent choice.

4ms Pod40X

The Pod40X is 40HP and has extra room to fit deep modules (2.00" (51mm) of available module depth). The built-in power supply has four power connectors and can be daisy-chained to other Pods. More power connectors can be added with the Multi Power Cable accessory.

This Pod requires a power brick (not included).

Or, if you already have a Pod and power brick (or a Row Power module) you can use a barrel cable to daisy-chain power supplies.

Case Parameters
Case Depth53mm
Hole SizeM3
Case Width40hp
Voltage15V-20V DC (2.1mm positive tip)

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