4ms QCD Expander (DIY Kit)


4ms QCD Expander

  • Connects to QCD module with a 16-conductor ribbon cable (included)
  • More features are added to each QCD channel:
    • Multi-mode output jack INV OUT mirrors the tempo of main QCD output
    • Mode Switch for each INV OUT jack:
      • Delayed Trigger Mode
      • Inverted Gate Mode
      • Shuffle Mode (delayed + original trigger)
    • PW/Delay knob controls trigger delay time on INV OUT jack (or pulse width in Inverted Gate Mode)
      • Also controls Pulse Width of main QCD OUT jack
      • CV input jack for external control
      • Attenuverter allows for one channel to precisely modulate another channel's delay or pulse width
    • Div/Mult CV attenuator knob
      • Controls how much the signal on the main QCD's Div/Mult CV jack will modulate the tempo
      • Useful for precisely modulating the speed of one channel with another
  • Global LED brightness can be adjusted from the front panel


Module Parameters
Current Draw48 mA +12V 40 mA -12V 41 mA 5V
Panel Size10HP

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