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  • Quad "pingable" LFO's -- frequency is set by time between pulses ("ping")
  • Each of the 4 channels is an independent LFO
  • Can produce a variety of waveshapes: "Pluck," to ramp-down, to triangle, to ramp-up, and all shapes in between
  • Channels can easily modulate, trigger, and reset each other for complex and slowly morphing outputs
  • Slowest period is about 71 minutes (0.0002 Hz), fastest speed is about 500Hz (marginal tracking up to 1kHz)
  • Tap tempo button is free-running (LFO runs indefinitely), but external clock/Ping is auto-stopping (LFO stops when external clock stops)

Controls and jacks

  • Tap tempo button ("Ping") for manually setting the tempo
  • Ping jack sets tempo with an external clock (any complex signal can be used as a clock)
  • On/mute button enables or mutes the output (latching button)
  • Skew knob and CV jack control the waveshape by altering the ratio between rise and fall times
    • At 0% Skew (0V of CV), the shape is a "plucky" near-expo curve
    • At 1% Skew (just over 0V of CV), the shape is ramp-down
    • At 50% Skew (about 5V of CV), the shape is a triangle
    • At 100% Skew (about 10V of CV), the shape is ramp-up
    • Skew knob provides offset to the incoming CV signal, so any range of CV is acceptable
  • Reset jack restarts the LFO without changing the tempo (rising edge triggered)
  • OUT jack outputs either a 0 to 10V waveshape, or a -5V to +5V waveshape (jumper selectable)
  • LED flashes and dims to the signal on the OUT jack
  • Tap tempo button flashes to the internal tap-tempo clock or to incoming pulses on the Ping jack
  • On/Mute button lights up when channel is On


  • Ping and Reset inputs use comparators, so any waveshape can be used for triggering (audio waves, complex LFOs, even the QPLFO itself!)
    • Trim-pot on PCB allows for adjustment of comparator threshold value

  • "Fire-on-unmute" jumper per channel:
    • When this optional jumper is installed, pressing the On button to turn the channel on will reset the LFO.
    • If the jumper is not installed (factory default), pressing On will unmute the LFO without resetting (LFO runs in the background when muted)

  • Bipolar/Unipolar jumper:
    • Setting jumper to Bipolar makes the outputs -5V to +5V
    • Setting jumper to Unipolar makes the outputs 0V to +10V
    • One jumper controls all four channels

  • One-shot mode: Reset jack can be used to trigger a one-shot envelope if the external ping clock is stopped. See manual for detailed discussion
  • Floating Reset mode: Holding a high gate on Reset jack allows the waveshape to run freely without automatically re-syncing to the ping clock. A bare cable plugged into the jack causes a high gate

  • Connects to other modules using ribbon cables:
    • Outputs can connect to the 4ms VCA Matrix, or the 4ms SISM, the Circuit Abbey Intermix or the Toppobrillo Mixiplexer
    • Normalization of ping jacks can connect to the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor
Module Parameters
Current Draw154 mA +12V 73 mA -12V 0 mA 5V
Panel Size12HP

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