SSL 1710 5-PULSER / Dual ANALOG XOR (Dotcom/5U)



Creative synth genius Ian Fritz has once again teamed up with Synthetic Sound Labs to bring you a totally new way to modify, modulate and crush your waveforms.

5-PULSER Section

The SSL “5-PULSER” is a cost-effective waveshaper that produces an output train of pulses whose number (and widths) may be continuously varied with an external control voltage.

(Dual) ANALOG XOR Section

In digital logic, the XOR output is low when either (a) both inputs are low or (b) both are high. The output is high when one and only one of the inputs is high. Thinking of this in terms of the sum of the input signals, the output is low when the sum of the inputs is zero, the output is high when the sum of the inputs is one and the output goes low again when the sum of the inputs is two.

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