ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources

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This is our long due Eurorack Clock module, featuring multiple sections for a combined total of 8 independent trigger outputs.

Introducing standard time signature musical notation along with the possibility to generate syncopation, irregular tempo ratios and phasing all at once in a single straight forward unit.

We started by programming an extremely stable digital clock with over time drift compensation and adjustable to any Beat per Minute [BPM] up to 1 decimal case (from 0.1 to 250.0 BPM). Also implemented a Tap Tempo button and Pingable input for syncing to external clocks using either Soft or Hard [SYNC] modes.

The Time Signature X/Y section defined as [Beats Per Bar] / [Beat Unit] and generating 4 outputs triggering at every: Beat, Bar, Odd Beat (1,3,5...) and Even Beat (2,4,6...).

A [PAUSE] button sets the Pause/Resume state of the clock also allowing different sync methods on Resume.

A [RESET] button resets either each or both the Main and Phasing Clocks

A Divider section can be set to any beat division in Linear (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) or Exponential mode (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128)

The Phasing section features a totally independent clock that can run in two modes:
[TEMPO] running at a slower/faster bpm phasing in and out of tempo against the main clock.
[OFFSET] running at the same bpm but offsetted/delayed against the main clock generating a steady syncopated beat.

A Tuplet section allows the generation of Triplets, Quintuplets, Septuplets and Ninelets with adjustable [LENGTH] or Span of the tuplet to any number of Beats from 1 to 16.

4 Modes allow different [TRIGGER] and [MUTE] functionalities: they can run in a loop or one shot mode, [TRIGGER] always triggers/resets the Tuplet and [MUTE] can be set to Gate On or Gate Off. Tuplets always output irregular divisions of the Beat and allow Polybeat generation.

A Swing Delay section allow to delay 1 Beat at [Every X Beats]. The [Delay] knob sets the delay in a fraction of 1 Beat, this section also allows the generation of syncopated beats.

More specific settings can be changed in the [SHOW/MENU], menu functions are labeled in gold.

All sections feature they’re own monitor LEDs.

By default Display shows the current Time Signature status.
Pressing the [SHOW/MENU] button sequentially will display each sections settings.
After 3 seconds it automatically returns to default Time Signature status.

All settings can be saved to a single memory slot, upon startup the memory state will be automatically loaded.

All Knobs and Push-Buttons have their own CV/Trigger inputs except the [BPM] encoder and [SHOW/MENU] button.

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