Mangoest AVCO



Mangoest AVCO

Aluminum Panel 4U LW Format

2-PCB Set

Additive or harmonics VCO
Power supply:29mA
knob1: fundamental frequency knob2: harmonics gain knob3: harmonics spectrum CV1: harmonics gain CV2: harmonics spectrum V / oct (10bit, 5Vp-p) Output is 4Vp-p.
Outputs the fundamental tone and seven overtones. Both waveforms are sine waves. The fundamental tone is controlled by V / oct. The spectrum, that is, how many harmonics to add, is controlled by "harmonics spectrum". Since the added overtones are integral multiples of the fundamental tone, it becomes a musical tone. The fundamental and harmonic gains are controlled by "harmonics gain".
"harmonics spectrum" and "harmonics gain" cannot be set to arbitrary values. It has a wave table-like format that refers to the values ​​stored in the table in advance. With a combination of 256 types of spectra and 256 types of gain, you can create an infinite number of tones.
Module Parameters

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