AI Synthesis AI011 Analog VCO (Black)

AI Synthesis AI011 Analog VCO (Black)


AI Synthesis AI011 Analog VCO

The AI011 Analog VCO is a robust and stable analog Eurorack VCO. Using the legendary curtis 3340 IC, the Oscillator provides buffered Triangle, Square, and Ramp waveforms, as well as a triangle to sine wave shaper to provide a sine wave output.

The Eurorack VCO features both Coarse and Fine tune knobs for easy tuning.

Pulse Width Modulation is normalled to the PWM input jack, so PWM is controlled with the PWM knob, and when a jack is inserted, the knob serves as an attenuator.

Volt per octave and FM input jacks are present, with an attenuator for FM modulation.

The VCO is capable of both hard and soft sync.

An expander jack is present at the rear of the module for use with future AI modules. 


Module Parameters
Current Draw15 mA +12V 15 mA -12V ? mA 5V
Panel Size8HP

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