Allen Synthesis EuroPi

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Allen Synthesis EuroPi


Allen Synthesis EuroPi

The EuroPi is a fully user reprogrammable CV controller.

It features 2 knobs, 2 push buttons, 4 analogue output jacks (0-3.3V), 4 digital jacks (each with an indicator LED), and 4 I2C/UART connectors on the rear for connecting external modules and extenders.

The EuroPi project formed around my noticing that EuroRack as a format is far from accessible, and that if you want a module that does a very specific job, you need to shell out often hundreds of pounds to get what you need. It gets worse; once you've used that module a bit, you might well find things you wish were different, or that you don't in fact need it at all and need to go through the effort of reselling.

Enter: EuroPi. I designed EuroPi with the users in mind, and I've chosen to base it around the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, as opposed to more common (and often more expensive) dedicated chipsets. This allows users to program in MicroPython, which is far more intuitive than other common languages for EuroRack modules, and allows the current patch to be modified in a matter of minutes, using only free software and a single USB cable, and also for completely new patches to be written from scratch, or shared within the community.

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