Analogue Realities Fixed Filter Bank


Analogue Realities Fixed Filter Bank


The Analogue Realities Fixed Filter Bank is an extremely precise filter module that allows users to really carve out your synth’s tones. This filter bank contains a series of 12 fixed frequency filters, as well as a lowpass and highpass. Alongside being an essential tool for electronic music making, this 28HP Eurorack DIY module will work great in any setup, making it a great choice for many systems.

Whether you’re aiming for subtle and nuanced filtering effects or more extreme and aggressive sounds curves, you’ll love how easy it is to dial in your sound. The Analogue Realities Fixed Filter Bank is a great DIY synth project for long-time builders and noobies alike.


From David Ingebretsen at Analogue Realities, this is the full kit for the 28hp Eurorack 914 Fixed Filter Bank.

We've done all the work to select the capacitor pairs so you don't have to!

Kit includes the pcb set for the GIC build (four PCBs-- top, mid, bottom and i/o), the grayscale panel, all pcbs parts, panel parts etc. 

More information about the module is here:


On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.


Module Parameters
Panel Size28HP

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