barton bmc035 bytewise operator

barton bytewise operator, pcbs+pic (PCBMB0035NONE01) by

barton bmc035 bytewise operator


barton bmc035 bytewise operator

michael barton's interesting logic module, the bytewise operator and expander

more information and build guide is here: barton bytewise operator build guide

from michael:

"This module takes two voltage inputs and performs either XOR, AND, Summing or Difference operations on the voltages to create an output voltage. This is useful for low frequency waveshaping or altering a sequencer's output temporarily without altering the actual sequence.

An expander is available which takes the 10 bits of the output voltage and gives each bit it's own output. This is useful for turning voltages into ryhtms.

The main PCB has PC mounted pots for convenience as well as mounting holes for flexibility. There are footprints for Eurorack and MOTM style power connecters. The Expander is Eurorack only, all components for the expander are directly soldered to the PCB, so there is no wiring."





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