Barton BMC016 Dual Nice Quantizer (Euro)

Barton Dual Nice Quantizer (Euro)


Barton BMC016 Dual Nice Quantizer (Euro)


v1.2 pcb- this is the pcb version that includes 8 trimmers- please make sure you reference the correct build guide, as earlier pcb versions used 6 trimmers. 

v2 panel (quantizer #2 on left side of panel, quantizer #1 on right side of panel to simplify jack wiring relative to pcb)

The Dual Nice Quantizer is a 2 channel voltage quantizer designed to be used with 1v/Octave oscillators. Each channel can be used completely independently of the other, though the input of channel 2 is normalled to channel 1 so a single CV source can easily be used to control two oscillators at the same time. The quantizer is capable of either unipolar (0V to 10V) or bipolar (-5V to +5V) range. There are 16 musical modes available, split into two banks of 8. The first bank is based upon the "standard" musical modes as well as a chromatic mode. The second bank uses more sparse modes.

euro panel by clarke robinson 14hp (v2)

full kit includes everything you need with parts individually bagged and labelled



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Kit Parameters
Build DifficultyModerate
Parts Count103
SMT parts0
Module Parameters
Panel Size18HP

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