Barton BMC001 Dual Simple Quantizer Euro

barton dual quantizer, assembled, euro 6hp (ASMMBSQNTECLK06) by

Barton BMC001 Dual Simple Quantizer Euro


barton dual simple quantizer, rev 6 pcbs  –  euro format, 6 hp, clarke robinson panel design

documentation here: quantizer

This circuit takes a continuously variable dc voltage and outputs only voltages related to each other musically, using the 1v/octave standard. It utilizes a preprogrammed PIC which is included with purchase of a PCB. It is has a very low parts count, requires no calibration, and is small enough to be used either as a seperate synth module or as a daughter board to be attached to the input of an oscillator or output of a sequencer/s&h/other cv generator.

this module (and the panel and kit) require the use of 3 PCBs, (2 quantiser PCBs share the LM317 adaptor PCB )

the kit and assembled module include the 7805-to-LM317 modification for improved accuracy.

IMPORTANT: set the trimmer to full CCW before powering the unit; otherwise you will FRY the PIC. 


the pcb + ic sets includes 2 main pcbs, 2 PICs and 1x7805 to LM317 adapter PCB

the panel+ic bundle includes eurorack panel,  2 main pcbs, 2 PICs and 1 X 7805 to LM317 adapter PCB

orders for a single PCB and PIC do NOT  include a 7805 adaptor PCB.







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