Barton BMC008 Multi-Window Comparator

barton multi-window comparator, euro 10hp (ASMMBMWCMECLK10) by

Barton BMC008 Multi-Window Comparator


barton multi-window comparator euro module

10 hp wide, 2.125" deep

A window comparator is a circuit with three inputs and one output. The first two inputs are an upper voltage threshold and a lower voltage threshold. If the third input is between these two thresholds, it turns the output on, and if it is not, the output turns off.

A multi-window comparator, like the "regular" window comparator has an input voltage and an output that toggles on or off depending on the input voltage. The difference is that instead of comparing the voltage to two other voltages, the voltage is converted to a number and that number is looked up on a data table which says to ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ the output at that voltage. This gives the user the chance to create multiple windows, so multiple voltages and ranges of voltage can trigger the same output. This module includes 4 X multi-window comparators which share a single input voltage, each comparator has its own look-up table. 

see the Barton document download for more details mwc


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